16,700 crimes reported in Tajikistan in Jan-Sept 2015

16/10/2015 10:54
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DUSHANBE, October 16, 2015, Asia-Plus – Based on data from the Interior Ministry, the Agency for Statistics under the President of Tajikistan says 16,700 crimes have been reported in Tajikistan over the first nine months of this year.

There were more than 4,100 serious crimes reported, which was 18.3 percent more than in the same period last year.

Compared to January-September 2014 there was a 34.5 percent increase in the number of thefts.  The number of residential burglaries reported increased by 18.7 percent.

The number of murders and murder attempts have increased over the report period by 5.9 percent and the number of kidnappings have increased from 10 cases in January-September 2014 to 11 cases in January-September 2015.

In January-September this year, 2,468 economic crimes have been reported (a 2.7 percent increase compared to January-September 2014).

Compared to January-September 2014 there was 0.7 percent increase in the number of reported cases of bribery.

88.2 percent of all the crimes have been solved in January-September 2015 compared to 87.3 percent in January-September 2014.   


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