Assistant Secretary of US Rosenblum has visited the north of Tajikistan

01/09/2015 13:48
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Dushanbe. 1 September. “Asia Plus” -- In Sughd region on a working visit arrived the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States for South and Central Asia, Daniel Rosenblum.

On August 31, Daniel Rosenblum and his entourage were received by the Chairman of Sughd region Abdurahmon Kodori. In this working visit the high-ranking guest was also accompanied by the US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Tajikistan, Ms. Susan Elliott.

During the meeting they discussed the issues of regional cooperation between the parties.

During the meeting, the Head of the region has made special mention of the actions of the US Embassy and the programs implemented with the support of the Embassy in the Republic and region. He also expressed hope that the meeting will have a positive impact on the expansion of such cooperation.

It was noted that projects and programs of the United States, implemented in the region, including education and health, water management and support to young people are consonant with the initiatives of the regional authorities. It is known that one of the priority issues in the Ferghana valley, including Sogd region, is the issue of water allocation and distribution of scarce land resources. In this regard, to address these issues in recent years, the executive body of Sughd region initiated a number of important measures. Thus, under the agrarian reform in the past two years, as a result of the restructuring of farms were set up more than 40 thousand small family and individual dekhan farms and 350 thousand shareholders became the owners of the land. This initiative has led to the decrease in the flow of migrant workers, and since the last year till now their number has decreased by 62 thousand people. With the financial support of the Land Registry Project of 27 million somoni, all these newly created facilities are free provided with legal certificates of land use. According to Abdurahmon Kodiri, it is due to land reform and the fact that the farmer became the real owner of the land, there is market saturation with the agricultural output in the area, as well as the price reduction. The Head of the region has noted that in this regard the United States could assist in the establishment of consulting centers in jamoats, as the level of knowledge of farmers in business is still low. Another priority issue for the solution of which the parties can develop cooperation is to ensure that farmers modern agricultural machinery.

It was also noted that the financial assistance of the World Bank in Tajikistan is implementing a program of basin management of irrigation systems, aimed at the creation of basin water resources management in river basins. This program will assist in the efficient and economical use of irrigation water in terms of its deficit.

US may also cooperate in the organization of home work and vocational training of the unemployed housewives of the region, whose number now stands at 240 thousand women. The creation of new urban settlements such as Sayhun, Mohpari, Bahoriston, Mehrobod and Sarazm allows returning migrant workers to be engaged in construction works. US entrepreneurs can invest in the construction of apartment buildings and social facilities in the aforementioned cities.

The parties have also noted the mutually beneficial development of bilateral relations in the development of tourism in the region. Currently, there is an increased interest of foreign tourists to the region and as a result of cooperation in the tourism sector can be created conditions and services that meet international standards in the field of tourism.

In turn, The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States for South and Central Asia, Daniel Rosenblum, and US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Tajikistan, Ms. Susan Elliott thanked the Head of the field for the warm welcome and expressed their willingness to cooperate in the ongoing regional administration initiatives aimed at improving the level of living. It was noted that the United States intends to increase its support and assistance in the implementation of important programs, including in the field of water supply, education and health, as well as the training of women in various professions.

During the meeting it was also mentioned about the cooperation of the US Embassy with the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan and noted that the existence of roads that meet international standards, the unique nature, the unique historical and cultural monuments can be a factor in the development of tourism in the region.

At the end of the meeting the sides expressed hope for further development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

During the working visit, the guests have also found the opportunity to visit historical and cultural sites of the regional center, including cultural and historical complex "Khujand fortress" and the historic Arbob Palace.

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