The average value of remittances in Tajikistan increased to 981 TJS

26/08/2016 16:59
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The real average value of remittances to Tajikistan is steadily growing. In July this year the real value of transfers increased to 981 somoni, said in the current issue of the survey of household wealth "Listening to Tajikistan" prepared by the World Bank.

It is noted that the average value of remittances in August last year fell to its lowest level for the entire survey period – up to 632 somoni.

“Since January the average value of remittances remained relatively constant, although in May 2016 the percentage of households receiving remittances steadily rose, and in July has reached 15%”.

Meanwhile, the survey states that the number of returning migrants to Tajikistan as well as the share of migrants, who are currently working outside the Republic, from May till July 2016 remained relatively the same (about 2%). The proportion of migrants who are currently working has increased from 75% in November last year to approximately 85% in May-July this year.

"From August 2015 the proportion of interested in the migration of the respondents, who prefer Russia to other countries, has returned to former high levels – 92-94%. The share of respondents who prefer to travel to Kazakhstan declined significantly from September to January and set at the level of 3-5%," - noted in the survey.

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