Award "Ismoili Somoni" was awarded to 12 science representatives of Tajikistan

28/08/2015 16:44
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Dushanbe. 28 August. “Asia Plus” -- In honor of the 24th anniversary of Tajikistan's independence, Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon presented with “Ismoili Somoni” Prize over 12 representatives of various scientific spheres.

“Ismoili Somoni” Order presents to the state and public figures, scientists and cultural workers and other citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan for the high achievements in labor, for significant contribution in national building, great advances in military, social and cultural and charitable activities.

In particular, in the field of medical sciences and natural sciences, the “Ismoili Somoni” Prize was awarded to the Candidate of Medical Sciences Nazarov Hiloliddin Sharofovich and Dzhamolova Rushhona Dzhaloliddinovna.

In the basic sciences - Abdukarimov Mahmadsalim Fayzulloevich, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

In the field of Economic Sciences the “Ismoili Somoni” Prize was handed to Candidate of Economic Sciences Saidov Saymahmud Saydahmadovich and Hayrov Shukrullo Kurbonalievich.

“Ismoili Somoni” Prize in Technical Sciences awarded to the candidate of technical sciences Safiyev Alisher Haydarovich.

In the field of the humanities the laureate of this award became the Candidate of Law Farhod Mahmadshoev and Ardasher Murodov.

Also it was presented to the Candidates of Pedagogical Science - Ahliddin Saidmumin and Ahmadshoh Saidov.

Candidate of Philology Halimdzhon Saidov and Candidate of Law Shokhin Saidov were also awarded the “Ismoili Somoni” Prize.


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