Banking sector reportedly the most corrupt sphere in Sughd province

27/07/2011 17:17
Mavlouda Rafiyeva
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KHUJAND, July 27, 2011, Asia-Plus -- Banking sector is considered to be the most corrupt sphere in the northern Sughd province, Husein Oqilov, chief of the anticorruption agency’s office for Sughd, said in an interview with Asia-plus.

According to him, crimes such as embezzlement of funds provided in a form of loans, misappropriation as well as illegal delivery or acceptance of loans have been reported in the banking sector.

“Over the first six months of this year, 35 corruption-related crimes have been registered in the banking sector,” said Oqilov, “Officials from local authorities are in the second place in terms of corruption in Sughd – 18 corruption-related cries have been committed by them over the report period.  13 corruption-related crimes have been reported in the education sector and employees of local land management committees have committed nine corruption-related crimes in January-June this year.”

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