The border troops of Tajikistan refute their information on Taliban attack

24/08/2016 14:05
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The press service of Border troops SCNS refutes the previously circulated information about the involvement of Afghan citizens, who tried to break to Tajikistan on August 21, to the "Taliban" movement.

"As it was previously reported by the press center of the Border troops SCNS, at 02:00 hours on 21st of August this year in a joint operation of Tajik border guards and staff of the national security Committee office in the border area "Sayod" of Hamadoni district of Khatlon region was foiled an attempt of illegal crossing of the state border by a group of Afghan drug smugglers of 9 people, who were trying to smuggle drugs into the Republic of Tajikistan.

During the inspection of the scene were found the bodies of two Afghan smugglers, one AKM-7.62 and 6 ammunition cartridges with 180 rounds of 7.62 mm., 1 grenade RGD-5. The bodies were officially handed over to the representatives of the border authorities of the IRA. On this fact was opened criminal case, investigation is underway.

Unfortunately, some media, including “Asia-Plus”, “Ozodagon”, “Avesta”, “Tojikiston”, “Sputnik” and others, has misinterpreted this information, calling neutralized smugglers the militant “Taliban” group. The press center of the Border troops with all responsibility declares that this operation was merely a fact on the criminal activities of the smugglers.

 “In this regard, in all seriousness we ask all media outlets while using the information from Press Centre of Border troops SCNS to prevent the distortion of official information,” - said in a statement released today by the press service of border troops of the country.

Meanwhile, in a press release, issued by the press service of the Border troops of the Republic of Tajikistan on Monday, 22 August, was argued that both dead smugglers belonged to the terrorist movement "Taliban".

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