Citizen of Tajikistan, who was detained in Azerbaijan with 141 kg of heroin, is a member of the IRPT

23/08/2016 13:27
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Law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan reported that the citizen of Tajikistan, who was detained with a large consignment of heroin in Azerbaijan, is a resident of the Kaylai Hissor village and a member of the banned Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan.

As reported in the message of law enforcement bodies of Tajikistan, three months ago the 31-year-old Mahmoudjon Ismoilov went to Iran and settled in one of the international car companies. "In Iran, he got drugs and wanted to smuggle them to Azerbaijan, selling them there for $3 million. However the State customs Committee of Azerbaijan detained him with 141 kg of heroin", - said the source.

Recall that as it was reported earlier, the State customs Committee of Azerbaijan, on August 13, at a checkpoint on Azerbaijani-Iranian border, when viewing the truck coming from Iran with x-ray equipment and controlled by a citizen of Tajikistan Ismailov Mukhamedin (state registration number GP6925/N6775), in the cache of the car have found an unknown substance similar to a narcotic. After that, employees of Astara state customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan together with the staff of the checkpoint have checked the truck and found 141 kg 156 grams of heroin.

It was reported that during the initial readings drove the car, the citizen of Tajikistan indicated that it had intended to go to Georgia by transit through Azerbaijan.

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