The CoES saved the passengers of a car that has fallen into a channel in Matchin district

22/08/2016 13:51
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The rescuers of the Committee of emergency situations and civil defense under the government of Tajikistan took part in liquidation of consequences of terrible accident in Matchin district, which occurred last Saturday, August 20.

As reported the chief of the press center of CoES and civil defense of Tajikistan Umeda Yusupova, on the territory of Matchin district, while driving at high speed, a tire in the right wheel of a car "Mercedes-Benz" has blown and as a result the car overturned in a canal "Soviet Tajikistan", located on the territory of Jamoat village Matchin district of Sughd region.

"At the time of the accident 6 people were in the car. Thanks to prompt actions of rescuersf of CoES in Sughd region it became able to pull four people alive - said Yusupov. Unfortunately, the other two passengers died, their bodies were retrieved by the members of staff".

According to the press Secretary, CoES rescuers regularly participate in the elimination of accidents associated with complex conditions, and removing people from cars that fell into the mountain river, cliffs and channels. Rescuers say there is an expression "the Golden hour", if you have time to save the man during this time, he will live.

From the beginning of 2016, the CoES staff has saved 14 injured in road accident related with emergency rescue work in mountain rivers and canals.

The Committee of emergency situations and civil defense under the government recommends the drivers to be careful on the roads and observe speed limits.

Over the weekend in the result of four traffic accidents were killed seven citizens of Tajikistan.

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