Corruption costs Tajikistan at 77.7 mln somoni in Jan-Sept 2010

26/10/2010 18:06
Nargis Hamroboyeva
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DUSHANBE, October 26, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- In a report released at a press conference in Dushanbe, director of the Agency for State Financial Control and Combating Corruption Fattoh Saidov revealed on October 26 that according to findings by the anticorruption agency, corruption has cost Tajikistan at 77.7 million somoni over the first nine months of this year.

“802 inspections conducted by the anticorruption agency over the report period have revealed 77.7 million somoni worth of damage,” he said.

The anticorruption agency chief pointed out untargeted use of investment funds in the country.  “Over the same nine-month period, we have inspected 15 investment project management units,” said Saidov, “The inspections have revealed 13.8 million somoni (equivalent to more than 3 million U.S. dollars) worth of damage.”  73 percent (10.189 million somoni) of the damage has been reimbursed.

According to him, serious shortcomings have been revealed in activities of the irrigation system rehabilitation project management unit – 6.379 million somoni, the agrarian sector rehabilitation project management unit – 2.96 million somoni, the Ferghana Valley water resources management project management unit – 1.26 million, the road rehabilitation projects management unit – 1.235 million somoni, the Shogun-Zighar road rehabilitation project management unit – 422,900 somoni,  the health sector reform project management unit – 389,000 somoni, etc.

Inspection of financial activities of ministries and department has also revealed shortcomings, Saidov said.  “Thus inspection of 38 subdivisions of the Ministry of Energy and Industries has revealed 7.3 million somoni worth of damage,” said the anticorruption agency chief.  “Untargeted use of funds by state unitary enterprises Vostokredmet and Zarya Vostoka has cost the country’s economy at 3.6 million somoni.  They have reimbursed 1.545 million somoni to this day.”

He added that inspections conducted at the national air carrier, Tajik Air, and Dushanbe International Airport over the report period have revealed 12.4 million somoni worth of damage.  To-date, they have already reimbursed 11.7 million somoni, Saidov said.    

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