The detained child abductor reportedly not involved in the previous child abduction cases

27/07/2016 10:26
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DUSHANBE, July 27, 2016, Asia-Plus – The preliminary investigation has reportedly established that the 48-year-old Matlouba Ahmadova, who was arrested on suspicion of organizing abduction of the 7-year-old F.B., was not involved in the previous child abduction cases.

According to Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, Matlouba Ahmadova is owner of a massage salon and F.B.’s mother, Farangis Badalova, was working as an administrator at her massage salon. 

Money and documents disappeared from Ahmadova’s office on June 16 and she suspected Farangis Badalova of taking money and documents.         

Ahmadova applied to the police station in Dushanbe’s Shohmansour district and Badalova was summoned for questioning.  She was reportedly released after police officers were convinced that she has nothing to do with disappearance of money and documents.

Jaloliddin Sadrididnov, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, told RFE/RL’s Tajik Service on July 26 that “Ahmadova took Badalova’s daughter hostage in token of threat.”  According to him, Ahmadova was not involved in the previous child abduction cases.

Sadriddinov, however, stressed that “investigation is under way and it is still too early to make any conclusions.” 

Major Karomatullo Majidov, an officer of military unit 3502 of the Ministry of Interior, who was providing driver services to Matlouba Ahmadova, has reportedly helped solve the child abduction crime.

According to Imrouznews newspaper, Major Majidov has known Ms. Matlouba Ahmadova, who is suspected of being leader of the criminal group that abducted the 7-yrear-old F.B., for two years and he was providing driver services to her.

Majidov has to repay bank loans, and therefore, he is additionally earning as a taxi driver, according to Imrouznews.           

Ahmadova reportedly promised to pay him 2,000 U.S. dollars for abduction of the 7-year-old F.B.  Majidov agreed but he informed his commanders of the crime, according to the newspaper.  This reportedly helped solve the crime.

The 24-year-old Rahmonali Giyosov, a nurse boy at the hospital in Dushanbe’s Perviy Sovetskiy area, has also been detained on suspicion of involvement in the child abduction crime.

As it had been reported earlier, quoting an official source at the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan, Imrouznews reports three persons were detained in Dushanbe on July 20 on suspicion of child abduction.

They were reportedly detained with the abducted 7-year-old F.B. 

According to Imrouznews, F.B. was released by law enforcement officers in twenty minutes after she was abducted

It is to be noted that F.B.’s family lives in the same building as families of cousins Sabina and Malika Aralova and family of Sabohat (Osiya) Dilovarova live.

We will recall that Sabina and Malika, age 4 and 6, disappeared under the same circumstances.  The girls disappeared after they went out to play in Dushanbe’s Ayni Street on March 25, 2013.

Senior representatives from the Interior Ministry told journalists on April 23, 2013, that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Interpol had reportedly been involved in the investigation into the disappearance of cousins Sabina and Malika.

The five-year-old Sabohat (Osiya) also disappeared after she went outside to play in the afternoon of August 8, 2014.  Her body was found in the river in the Hisor district on September 13, 2014.

The investigation has reportedly established that the 48-year-old Matlouba Ahmadova was leader of the criminal group and she was mastermind of abduction of the 7-year-old F.B.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Matlouba Ahmadova and her two associates under the provisions of Article 130 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code – abduction; an investigation is under way.                  


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