Documentary by young Tajik filmmaker shown at international film festival in New York

17/02/2014 14:49
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DUSHANBE, February 17, 2014, Asia-Plus – A documentary by young Tajik filmmaker has been shown at the PovertyCure International Short Film Festival in New York.

The short film “Love Life Regardless…” by the 28-year-old Khoushnouda Shukurova was shown at the 2013 PovertyCure International Short Film Festival that took place in New York last December.

“66 short films of filmmakers from different countries of the world were shown at the festival,” said Ms. Shukurova.  “In all, 254 filmmakers have lodged applications for participation in the festival”

According to her, she has worked on the documentary for more than two years.

“Love Life Regardless…” is a short documentary film about Nodira Davlatova, a widow and a mother of eight children from a remote village in southern Tajikistan.

Nodira was in her late thirties when her husband died from a heart attack.  As the rural community frowns upon women marrying the second time, Nodira never remarries and dedicates her life to raising and supporting her large family alone.  She owns 2-acre of land where she grows wheat to feed her family.

The film follows her busy life during harvesting in the end summer.  Nodira had a great harvest of wheat, which comes very opportunely for her family as now she can sell half of it to marry off one of her sons.

Khoushnouda Shukurova says she now works with the media company, Howcast Media Inc., as stage manager and she is currently writing scenario for her new film.  “It will be a full-length feature film,” Ms. Shukurova noted.

PovertyCure is reportedly an international network of organizations and individuals seeking to ground their common battle against global poverty in a proper understanding of the human person and society, and to encourage solutions that foster opportunity and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that already fills the developing world.


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