Dozens of Tajik citizens were detained in Almaty

25/08/2016 15:35
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Dozens of Tajik citizens were detained on Wednesday, August 24, on "Green Bazaar" in Almaty, reports Kazakh media.

According to the news portal, the Department of state revenue of Medeu district of Almaty city yesterday, August 24, in conjunction with local police was launched a large-scale event on identifying foreign nationals who are illegally engaged in business activities in the district, primarily on “Green Bazaar”, where are a large number of foreign merchants.

It is noted that only for the first day were determined 15 foreign nationals, illegally engaged in business activities, 11 of them are the citizens of Tajikistan and 4 - Uzbekistan. They sold fruits without registration in the tax authorities and without the use of cash registers, and in 10 cases without the availability of documents for permanent residence.

Meanwhile, "Almaty" TV channel reports that more than 30 Tajik citizens were detained on this market, many of them had no identity cards and registration.

Materials for all violations will be referred to the courts for making a decision on the confiscation of goods and deportation of illegally staying nationals.

According to the international agreement “On the legal status of citizens of one state permanently residing on the territory of another state", business activity in Kazakhstan can be carried out by citizens of Belarus, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, who have a permanent residence permit on the territory of Kazakhstan. Citizens of other countries may not perform in the Republic of Kazakhstan in individual entrepreneurial activity.

According to the migration Agency of Tajikistan, about 7.2 thousand Tajik citizens have left for Kazakhstan in seven months this year.

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