Draft law on ‘golden’ amnesty being prepared in strict secrecy

28/07/2016 11:11
Mavzouna Abdulloyeva
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DUSHANBE, July 28, 2016, Asia-Plus -- Tajik authorities are preparing a draft law on an amnesty, which will be declared in Tajikistan on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Tajikistan’s Independence, in strict secrecy.

Such measures have reportedly been taken because the Tajik authorities are afraid of burst of crime ahead of the ‘golden’ amnesty 

“The law details are kept secret so that people will not abuse that.  The practice shows that when the draft law is published in advance, some people commit crime knowing that they will then fall under the amnesty,” Ms. Barno Saidzoda, representative of President’s Executive Office, told reporters in Dushanbe on July 27.  

Because of these fears, discussion of the draft amnesty law will be classified ‘top secret’, Ms. Saidzoda added. 



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