In Dushanbe neighbor killed the neighbor in the cause of social inequality

25/08/2016 15:58
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In Dushanbe the neighbor-arbakesh killed neighbor-student because of social inequality. This tragedy occurred on August 19; a 24-year-old student of Capital’s University Sorbon Ibrohimov received four stab wounds and died on the spot because of a verbal altercation with a 32-year-old Karomatullo Safarov.

Radio "Ozodi", referring to the parents of the deceased student, writes that the main reason the guy has been killed, according to them, was the envy of the neighbor.

"When Sorbon was almost at the house, Karomatullo with friends came to him and started to quarrel. Three men attacked Sorbon, beat him and inflicted multiple stab wounds to the neck and back. Everyone knew what had happened, but I didn't. A boy came and said that someone beat Sorbon and disappeared," - says mother.

After this incident, Safarov family apologized to Sorbon’s mother and temporarily moved out from their apartment. Gulnora Safarova, mother of Karomatullo, says that she is in shock from the incident, because she treated Sorbon like a son. According to her, after the army, Karomatullo had mental disorder.

The interior Ministry said that the murder was registered by the police. Criminal case under article 104 (murder) of the criminal code of the country was brought an action against Karomatullo Safarov. This article prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from 8 till 15 years.

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