In Dushanbe was revered Tajik deceased journalists’ memory

26/08/2016 15:01
Mavzuna Abdulloeva
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Today in newspaper and magazine complex "Sharki Ozod" has passed the Day of Akbari Sattor memory – former Chairman of journalists Union of Tajikistan, who died on August 28, 2015 and also Tajik journalists who died this year.

Government officials, representatives of public organizations and journalists of various publications gathered to honor the memory of dead journalists.

"Since the death of the former head of the Union of journalists Akbar Sattor has passed one year. During this time, our world left more than 10 journalists," — opening the event said chief editor of "Soviet Union" newspaper Sayefi Mizrob.

According to him 10 journalists left our world this year - Rahimi Ashrof, Sharifi Misayzod, Bakhtiyor Safarov, Abrori Zohir, Temur Sulton, Ubaidullohi Shirin, Galina Dzutseva, Assadullo Saydulloev, Tolibi Sangin and Muhammad Mirzoshoev.

Sayefi Mizrob proposed to declare August 28 the - day of the death of Akbari Sattor – the Day of commemoration of the dead journalists.

"After one year became clear that the deceased Akbari Sattor is essential, because the unity that prevailed among the journalists is not felt now," - said the founder of the Center for journalistic research of Tajikistan Khurshed Atovullo.

"When a journalist faces a difficult problem, and many colleagues did not even know about it, especially young journalists, Akbari Sattor alone saved them from the hands of the authorities," - reminded Atovullo.

Journalist Abdufattoh Vohidov has offered to establish a prize named after Akbari Sattor for journalists-innovators. "We can talk endlessly on the help provided to journalists by Akbari Sattor and I believe that we need to create an award in his name to be given to the journalists who will bring something new in Tajik journalism," he said.

Director of "Khoma" Shakhlo Akobirova proposed to create a museum in honor of deceased Tajik journalists. "It is necessary to collect all the articles of these journalists in this place, their photos and all news about them. For the younger generation of journalists always remember their predecessors," she said.

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