Emomali Rakhmon: Tajikistan's independence is a divine gift

26/08/2016 10:21
Avaz Yuldoshev
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In the framework of the working visit to the cities and districts of Khatlon region Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon in evening on August 25 visited Kurgan-Tyube theatrical performance of culture and art figures of the region in honor of the 25th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic.

As reports the press service of the head of state, before the beginning of the festive program Emomali Rakhmon made a speech in front of many participants of the ceremony and congratulated all those present and the residents of Khatlon region in their face with this historic holiday – the state independence. The President wished to see this divine gift forever appreciated as a symbol of pride of our nation.

It was stressed that thanks to the gift of fate our country is recognized as a full member of international community, the government of an ancient and civilized Tajik people appear on the political map of the world.

Emomali Rakhmon said that is why we believe independence is sacred, in a quarter of a century with a firm will, strong sense of responsibility and national pride to the country we make patriotic efforts for its protection and strengthening.

According to Emomali Rakhmon, all the successes achieved thanks to the faithful work and people’s support of the policy of the state and the government, the patriotic aspirations of the people of the country. Peace and stability are also the results of strong will and merit wise of Tajik people.

In conclusion the President congratulated again all the participants of the cultural program with the national holiday and emphasized that independence will be strong only when the people will be united and vigilant, when within the state there prevail national unity, peace and stability. The unity of the nation, peace, unity, socio-political stability are the main pillars of a majestic temple of independence, the guarantor of sustainable development and durability of the state.

After the speech of Emomali Rakhmon was held a colorful theatrical performance, in which were presented the achievements of the period of country independence.

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