Entrepreneur sentenced to 3 years in prison for act of brining

07/07/2011 15:41
Umedjon Sadullo
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HISSAR, July 7, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- A court in Hissar district has sentenced local entrepreneur Hofizmurod Karimov to three years in prison for an act of bribing.

Syadail Safarov, an aide to chairman of the Hissar district court, told Asia-Plus Thursday afternoon that Hofizmurod Karimov attempted to give bribe (US$3,000) to prosecutor who caught him in document forgery.

“M. Gulov, an aide trainee to the chief prosecutor of Hissar district, who was inspecting documents of the Hissar-based firm, Zarifi, in March this year, caught Karimov in document forgery,” said Safarov, “In order to stop further inspection Karimov attempted to give bribe to Gulov; he was caught red-handed.”   

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