Ex-Head of Kumsangir Police Dept faces trial in Khatlon

20/04/2012 15:53
Sayrahmon Nazriyev
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Former chief of the Regional Police Department for Kumsangri region Nuriddin Nabotov is facing trial in Khatlon.

The first hearing was held on April 19 in the Kumsangir regional court. The judge of the Khatlon District Court Mahmudjon Gulomov presides over the trial.

Nabotov is facing charges under Article 316 (abuse of power), Article 319 (bribery), Article 314 (misuse of authority), Article 247 (fraud) and Article 358 (illegal arrest) of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan, Nabotov’s defense attorney told the AP.

The lawyer of Sipar Tajik Collegiums of Lawyers Rustam Davlatshoev stressed that Nabotov is no longer charged under Article 200 (illegal drug trafficking) due to lack of evidence.

On Otober 7 2011 the Khatlon Prosecutor’s Office launched criminal proceedings under six articles of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan against chief of the regional police department for Kumsangir region N.Nabotov and chief of the regional drug control department Muhamad Sharipov.

According to investigation, senior police officers were arrested when trying to put drugs to personal vehicle of one of local businessmen and demand bribes.

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