Fifth Tajik border guard returned home in coffin in the past two months

04/08/2015 10:19
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DUSHANBE, August 4, 2015, Asia-Plus – One more Tajik border guard has been returned home in coffin in the past two months.

Commanders of the border unit deployed in the Ishkashim district of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) says Private Nourali Haidarov drowned but his relatives say he was shot as there was a bullet hole in his forehead, according to Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service.

The 20-year-old resident of the Shahritous district in Khatlon province, Nourali Haidarov, had reportedly served one and a half years in the border unit in GBAO’s Ishkashim district.

Representatives of the military registration and enlistment office in the Shahritous district told RFE/RL’s Tajik Service that they had not received any official document about the cause of death of Nourali Haidarov and noted that investigation into Haidrov’s death would be launched only after an official inquiry of his parents.

Nourali’s farther, Mirzoali Haidarov, told Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service that a group of servicemen brought the body of his son to the district four days ago.  “They even did not allow to show his face to those who came to bid farewell to him.  They just said that he allegedly drowned,” Mirzoali Haidarov told RFE/RL’s Tajik Service.

Mirzoali Haidarov further added that if the authorities did not believe him, he agreed to exhumation of Nourali’s body for autopsy.

Meanwhile, the Main Department of Border Guards under the State Committee for National Security has reportedly refrained from giving any comments on this incident.

Nourali Haidarov is the fifth Tajik border guard to be returned home in coffin over the past two months.  Firdavs Rahmatov, Abduvahhob Qayumov, Parviz Doustamov and Azam Ubaidulloyev were also returned homes in coffins in June-July this year.  All of them were victims of hazing.     


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