FITUT supports incumbent president’s candidacy for president

24/09/2013 14:01
Avaz Yuldoshev
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DUSHANBE, September 24, 2013, Asia-Plus -- The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Tajikistan (FITUT) has supported candidacy of the incumbent president.

The FITUT congress that was held in Dushanbe on September 24 unanimously supported incumbent President Rahmon as presidential candidate, FITUT leader Murodali Solehov told Asia-Plus in an interview.

“246 delegates participated in the FITUT congress and all of them supported Emomali Rahmon’s candidacy for president,” Solehov noted.

Candidates for president are required to be between 35 and 65 years old, to know the state language and to have lived in Tajikistan for the past ten years. The law does not specify measures for determining state language proficiency.

The law provides that presidential candidates can be nominated by registered political parties, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, the Union of Youth of Tajikistan, as well as the council of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), the council of Dushanbe City, and councils of provinces, districts, and towns.  The law does not allow for self-nominated independent candidates.

Founded in 1991, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Tajikistan is legal successor of the Council of Trade Unions of Tajikistan that was established in 1926.  According to Murodali Solehov, the FITU now groups more than 2.1 million people.  The main role of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Tajikistan is to work towards developing social dialogue in the country.

According to the Law "On Elections of the President of Republic of Tajikistan" of 1994 with changes from 2005, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Tajikistan has the right to put forward a candidate for the post of President of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The 2013 presidential election is scheduled for November 6.  

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