Freedom House called Tajikistan the authoritarian state

24/08/2015 16:35
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Dushanbe. 24 August. “Asia Plus” -- International non-governmental organization Freedom House has once again rated Tajikistan to the state with authoritarian regime control.

The new Freedom House report on the development of democracy in the 29 states of the former socialist camp in Europe and Central Asia (Nations in Transit-2015) Tajikistan, along with six CIS countries, is in the list of countries with authoritarian regime control.

The most authoritarian in the list are Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, both scored by 6.93 points, and took 28th and 29th places. Further below there are Azerbaijan (6.75), Belarus (6.71), Kazakhstan (6.61) and Russia (6.46). Tajikistan, gaining 6.39 points, and locates on the 23rd place in the list of countries of the former socialist camp.

Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan (5.93), Armenia (5.36) and Kosovo (5.14) are attributed to the countries with semi-authoritarian regime control.

Moldova, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Ukraine, Georgia and Albania are in the list of countries with the hybrid control mode.

Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary are settled on the list of semi-democratic states.

And the democratic countries are Slovenia (1.93 points), Estonia (1.96), Lithuania (2.07), Poland (2.21), Latvia (2.36), Czech Republic (2.21), Slovakia (2, 64).


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