Freedom House: Closing the IRP can lead to the violent conflicts (Corrected)

07/09/2015 15:02
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Dushanbe. 1 September. “Asia Plus” -- The international human rights organization Freedom House urges the United States and the European Union to speak against the closure of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan.

As stated in the published report of Freedom House, referring to the director of Eurasian programs Susan Cork, closing the IRP in Tajikistan can be regarded as the final step to the dictatorial regime in Tajikistan.

According to Susan Cork, the actions of government of the RT against the party oppose the inter-Tajik Peace Agreement, which led to the end of a bloody civil war.

"The decision of closure the IRP may increase the possibility of violent conflicts in the country. The United States and the European Union should oppose this decision", - says Susan Cork.

The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan is the main opposition party in Tajikistan. In the parliamentary elections of 2015 the IRP failed to overcome the 5% barrier and go to the lower house of the parliament.

According to the OSCE, the elections were not free and transparent. The IRP is considered the main successor of the United Tajik Opposition, which fought with the government in 1992-1997years during the Civil War. Inter-Tajik agreement led to the end of the war, and guaranteed 30 percent of government posts to the opposition members.

Freedom House notes that Tajikistan is considered not free in the ranking of the Freedom of the World - 2015 and Freedom Press - 2015. The scale of democracy, which is estimated from 1 to 7, Tajikistan receives 6.39 balls.

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