Hait’s relatives claimed of the disappearance of his wife and son

23/08/2016 14:03
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Natives of Mahmadali Hait, sentenced to life Deputy Chairman of the banned Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, claim of the disappearance of his wife and 17-year-old son.

As reported Radio "Ozodi" today referring to one of the relatives of Mahmadali Hait, on Monday, August 22, unknown persons have taken Hait’s wife and his 17-year-old son, and still they have no news.

"There were several people in civilian form, they didn't even introduce themself," say the relatives of the convicted Deputy Chairman of the IRPT.

"Yesterday we came in the state Committee of national security of the Republic to find out where the wife of Haid and his son are. We were told that they will come home and explain everything, but still no one came. We were forced to go to SCNS again, but this time we were told that they had no information about their location," said relatives to "Ozodi".

They are worried for one of the three sons of Hait, who is ill and mother’s needs care.

Russian service BBC reports that on Monday morning a group of people broke into the apartment.

"Several people in civilian clothes force entered the Mahmadali Hait’s apartment, ransacked and then took his wife and son of the politician. They said that they will be transferred to the KGB Department. Men refused to introduce themself and show the documents. Now no one knows where the wife and son of a politician are and that happened with them," said the relative of Mahmadali Hait to BBC.

Last week in the Internet appeared information that in prison Mahmadali Hait was allegedly subjected to torture and as a result his health condition has dramatically deteriorated.

His wife, Savriniso Juraeva immediately received permission from the Supreme Court of Tajikistan on a date with her husband, and on Saturday she had a meeting with him. After the meeting, she told the reporters that her husband is doing well, has no health complaints and he wasn’t not subjected to torture.

We remind that on June 2 of this year the Supreme Court of Tajikistan handed down the sentences against the 14 senior members of the IRPT. During the closed trial, two Vice-chairmen of the party – Saidumar Husaini and Muhammadali Hait were sentenced to life imprisonment. 11 other party members were sentenced to terms ranging from 14 to 28 years and only Zarafo Rahmoni, the only woman among the prisoners, was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

The court charged these individuals of involvement in the September rebellion last year and cooperation with a group of ex-Deputy defense Minister of Tajikistan Abduhalim Nazarzoda.

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