Head of farming unit in Qumsangir accused of attempting to give bribe to prosecutor

27/08/2010 17:48
Sayrahmon Nazriyev
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QURGHON TEPPA, August 27, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- The Khatlon prosecutor’s office has brought formal charges against head of farming unit in Qumsangir district, accusing him of an attempt to give bribe to prosecutor.

Faridoun Mirov, the chief of the special investigation department within the Khatlon prosecutor’s office, told Asia-Plus Friday afternoon that Tojiddin Kholmatov, the head of the Khairiya Farm in Qumsangir district, attempted to give a US$2,000 bribe to the aide to the Qumsangir prosecutor for not instituting criminal proceedings against him for illegal allotment of lands for housing.

“Kholmatov was detained at the Qumsangir prosecutor’s office red-handed when he was giving bribe to the aide,” Mirov said.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Kholmatov under the provisions of four articles of Tajikistan’s Penal Code: Article 320 (2) – bribe giving; Article 247 (4) – fraud; Article 286 (3) – illegal currency transactions; and Article 295 (1) -- misuse of powers by employees of commercial and other organizations.

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