I am aware of all what happened in the country over past 13 years, says Salimov

21/06/2016 11:26
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DUSHANBE, June 21, 2016, Asia-Plus – I feel well and do not have any serious health problems except for visual impairment, Yoqub Salimov told Asia-Plus in an interview at his home in Dushanbe today.

“I am now at home among my relatives and I feel fine,” Yoqub Salimov, who was released today morning after a 13-year-imprisonment, said.

While imprisoned, he reportedly continued to read the Tajik press.  “I am aware of all what happened in the country over the past 13 years,” Yoqub Salimov said.  He, however, refrained from commenting upon those events.

Yoqub Salimov promised to give an interview to Asia-Plus in the near future.     

Yoqub Salimov was one of top field commanders in the Popular Front, a paramilitary group that supported the government during the five-year civil conflict in 1992-1997.

Yoqub Salimov was one of the most powerful figures in Tajik politics after civil war broke out in the spring of 1992.  He was once Tajikistan’s interior minister, ambassador to Turkey, and chairman of the state customs committee.

In 1990 Yoqub Salimov was convicted for taking part in Dushanbe riots.  When Tajik Civil War broke out, Salimov was released from prison, and became one of leaders of the Popular Front.  In 1997 he was charged with attempting a coup d'etat.  Afterwards he fled Tajikistan, but was arrested in Moscow in 2003.  Since July 2003, Salimov had been held at Moscow's Lefortovo prison.

On February 24, 2004, he was extradited to Tajikistan.  After a five-month trial that was held behind closed doors, the Supreme Court of Tajikistan found Salimov guilty of treason, banditry, and abuse of office and sentenced him to 15 years in prison on April 25, 2005.


Yoqub Salimov’s prison term was cut by two years in August 2011 under the partial amnesty granted to him. 


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