I’ll be able to rule the country better than Rahmon, says Ms. Bobonazarova

25/09/2013 16:06
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DUSHANBE, September 25, 2013, Asia-Plus --In an interview with Asia-Plus, Ms. Oynihol Bobonazarova, who was tapped early this month by the Tajik Association of Reformist Forces (TARF) to run for president, said: “If people decide to vote for me, I will be able to rule the country better than incumbent president.”

According to her, there are not a few examples in history when actors, playwrights, dockers and dentists became presidents.  “Emomali Rahmon became president when he was director of a state farm, like his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko,” said Ms. Bobonazarova.  “As far as I am concerned, I think my course of life, education, political position, experience and the level of my vocational training allow ruling a country.”

You may read the full text of an online-interview with Ms. Bobonazarova on our website.

Born in the Yovon district (Khatlon province) on June 10, 1948 Ms. Oynihol Bobonazarova graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tajik National University in 1971.  She has scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences in Law.  She has been member of the Democratic Party of Tajikistan (DPT) since 1990.

Coalition of Tajik opposition groups has nominated Oynihol Bobonazarova to be their candidate for president in elections scheduled for this November.  The Tajik Association of Reformist Forces (TARF) made the announcement on September 9.  Bobonazarova's candidacy was officially recognized by the union on September 10.  The TARF is led by the Islamic Revival Party and the Social-Democratic Party.

Tajikistan's first female presidential candidate has said that, if elected, she would lead the country only for a transition period while reforms are implemented.

Bobonazarova's program reportedly includes constitutional reforms, namely shortening the presidential term and limiting terms in office to a maximum of two.  Her platform also targets the transfer of some presidential powers to the legislative and executive branches.

A lawyer by profession, Ms. Bobonazarova is best known for her advocacy of human rights and her work with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Open Society Institute/Assistance Foundation.

Ms. Oynihol Bobonazarova is the head of the "Perspektiva" social movement and since 1990 has been known for her work with democratic parties in Tajikistan.  She was jailed for several months in 1993, during Tajikistan's civil war, for her activities.

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