Inmate breaks out from prison hiding in trunk of warden’s car

07/07/2015 14:53
Sayrahmon Nazriyev
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QURGHON TEPPA, July 7, 2015, Asia-Plus -- An inmate has broken out from the Qurghon Teppa penal colony hiding in the trunk of warden’s car.

An official source at the Khatlon law enforcement authorities says that Sh.B., who was serving his 23-year term in the Qurghon Teppa high-security penal colony for murder, escaped from the penal colony on July 4.

According to him, the inmate stole keys of warden’s car during an outdoor work and broke out from the penal colony hiding in the trunk of warden’s car, because nobody checked the warden’s car.

“At the first opportunity, the prisoner came out from the trunk and went to his relatives’ home in the Vahdat Township,” said the source.  “The prisoner was detained in Vahdat and returned to the penal colony in Qurghon Teppa.  The most interesting thing is that the Qurghon Teppa penal colony managers did not know about the breakout from the penal colony until the Vahdat police department informed them about detention of Sh.B.”     


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