IRP requires the authorities to open their office

28/08/2015 09:28
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Dushanbe. 28 August. “Asia Plus” -- The supreme political council of Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan requires the authorities as soon as possible to open their office and not to impede activities of a political party in Tajikistan.

This requirement was announced by the leadership of the IRP today on August 27, during a press conference that took place in the temporary office of the party - in the house of the leader Muhiddin Kabiri in Dushanbe.

The party also calls on the authorities to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities, and assist the IRP request about the allocation of the hall for the 12th report-election congress of the party.

In addition, IRP requires public authorities "to stop illegal actions and return to the political and social space of the country in the natural course, to fulfill their responsibilities under the laws and political culture in Tajikistan."

Also, the supreme council of the Party, as the party leadership voiced today during the meeting with the journalists, "thanks all its members and supporters for the fact that despite the pressure and threats they are firm in their chosen path." "In such delicate and crucial moment our initial obligations are not to succumb to different provocations. Also the tasks of the party members include the submission to the laws of the country and we need to have a political culture. Until that time, you were victorious over all the evil and the pressure, and in the future, with the help of Allah, you will stay the victorious, "- said in a statement.

Political Council of the IRP has also noted that the closure of party`s office says that "in the state openly hold the processes of lacking rights of the population and dissident political parties and movements." "Any public authority may only with the oral order of higher authorities close the doors of the political party", - the statement says. - When the authorities could not liquidate the Party Congress, and show that the party has collapsed because of internal problems, they came to the decision to seal the office of the IRP, in order the party was not able to carry out its report conference. However, it shows that all their previous attempts to liquidate the Party were unsuccessful. "

IRP has also stressed press` attention on that the party intended to hold a press conference in the capital's “Sheraton” Hotel, owned by American businessmen, however, in Tajikistan`s conditions they were refused to host an opposition political party.

The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan was forced to choose IRP leader`s (Kabiri) house as a temporary office. Now Kabiri lives in Istanbul. This was the result of sealing the office of the IRP on August 24. IRP has already sent a message to the Ministry of Justice about the new address of their temporary staff.

Answering journalists' questions, the first deputy leader of the IRP Saidumar Husaini said that the party will send all the efforts on conducting the congress, scheduled for 15th of September.

"Now the party leadership has no plans for holding any demonstrations or protests. We still believe in the good sense, and we hope that we will be given a hall for our congress, "- said Husayni.

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