“Madrasah” operation ends up in northern Tajikistan

17/06/2011 11:19
Mavlouda Rafiyeva
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KHUJAND, June 17, 2011, Asia-Plus - “Madrasah” operation, which was launched on May 1st in all big cities and regions of Tajikistan, has completed in Sughd area.

11 cases of illegal religious education were revealed in the course of the operation in which all police departments of the district took part, the police department for Sughd area told the AP.

These violations were mainly revealed in Isfara, Bobojongafurov, Spitamen regions and Kairakkum city.

According to the source, a series of administrative cases were launched under article 474 of the Code of administrative offences (violation of the law “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations”). All cases were submitted to court.

According to the regional police department, the overall goal of the operation was to reveal illegal religious education centers and check ongoing implementation of the law on religious organizations, prevent the youth from being attracted to extremist movements. The goal of the operation was also to reveal and withdraw literature and audio files of extremist character.

“A total of 8 local madrasahs, 93 Friday mosques and 955 other mosques have been checked in the course of the operation in accordance with the law “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations,” the source reported.

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