Mahmadali Hayit’s lawyer arrested for two months

29/08/2016 12:15
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Jamshed Yorov, a lawyer of a sentenced to life Deputy Chairman of the banned Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan Mahmadali Hayit and the brother of Buzurgmehr Yorov was arrested for a period of two months, reports Radio "Ozodi" referring to his relatives.

Khosiat Yorova, sister of Jamshed Yorov, informed "Ozodi" that the decision to arrest her brother was read out last Friday in the detention cell of the police Department of the Metropolitan area Firdausi.

"The decision to arrest my brother passed in the presence of the judges of the court of Firdausi district and the investigator on the basis of article 111 of the Criminal code, "on arrest", she said.

According to her, Jamshed Yorov today will be transferred out of the detention cell of MIA in the detention center of the Ministry of justice.

Until now the law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan did not announce about the arrest and charges against Jamshed Yorov. The media has information only from his family that he went missing last week, later he said on the phone that he was arrested on charges of disclosing details of the sentence members of the IRPT.

However, the family of J. Yorov said that he was only Mahmadali Hayit’s lawyer and did not have access to the verdict against 14 members of the IRPT.

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