Mass brawl breaks out between Dagestanis and Central Asians at construction site in Leningrad oblast

28/06/2016 13:58
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DUSHANBE, June 28, 2016, Asia-Plus – A mass brawl broke out between ethnic Dagestanis and guest workers from Central Asia at the construction site in Kudrovo, Leningrad oblast on June 27.

According to Russian media outlets, the brawl involving nearly one hundred people, followed quarrel between a native of Dagestan and labor migrants from Central Asia.

Twenty people were reportedly detained and an investigation is under way.    

We will recall that at least three people were killed last month when a mass brawl involving hundreds of people erupted at a Moscow cemetery.  At least 23 people were to hospital.  Police reportedly made more than 90 arrests.

Russian news reports said some 200 people, some armed with guns, steel bars, and other weapons took part in the May 14 clashes at the Khovanskoye cemetery in southwest Moscow.  Media reports said ethnic groups from ex-Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus were fighting over the cemetery's lucrative services business.


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