Mass Media: Turkey deports Tajik citizens

15/08/2016 11:47
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Over the past two weeks Turkish authorities have detained about 140 immigrants from Central Asia, reports "Fergana" referring to the "Ozodlik" (Uzbek service of Radio Liberty).

The report says that the Istanbul security forces have detained more than 100 citizens of the Central Asia republics. Some of them have been released, some were released with the condition to leave the territory of Turkey within a month. Currently, there are 60 citizens of Central Asian countries in the deportation center of Istanbul's Kumkapi district.

"Four of them are the citizens of Tajikistan, six people – from Kyrgyzstan, nine Russians and one citizen of Kazakhstan. And all the others are Uzbeks. Now there are 60 people in Kumkapi prison, including four pregnant women and seventeen children, among which there are two-week and three-month babies", - said the leader of the People's Movement of Uzbekistan Muhammad Salih.

It is noted that the detention of immigrants from Central Asia occur only in Istanbul.

The reason for detention can be activities related to the establishment of the involved in the terrorist attack in Istanbul that took place on June 28, 2016, as well as the attempted coup, accomplished on 15th of July, after which a state of emergency was introduced in Turkey.

Meanwhile, on August 12, at a press conference a caretaking Ambassador of Turkey in Tajikistan Fatih Kahraman told the reporters that no Tajik citizen is suspected of committing terrorist acts in Istanbul airport and denied all previous posts about the involvement of Tajik citizens in the terrorist attack in Istanbul airport. Also, according to him, no foreigner has been arrested on suspicion of attempting a coup in Turkey.

Meanwhile, as Radio "Ozodi" reports (Tajik service of Radio Liberty), Turkey intends to deport the detained Tajiks. The publication notes that among the detained by the Turkish authorities there are 140 migrants from Central Asia – eight of which Tajik citizens.

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