Military parade dedicated to the National Guard will take place in Dushanbe on Sept 25

21/09/2015 16:48
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DUSHANBE, September 21, 2015, Asia-Plus -- A military parade dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the formation of the National Guard will take place in Dushanbe on September 25, an official source at one of power-wielding structures of Tajikistan told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

According to him, more than 5,000 servicemen will be on the military parade that will be held in the territory of one of military units deployed in Dushanbe.

The National Guard, formerly called the Brigade of Special Mission and Presidential Guard, is the national guard of Tajikistan, under direct command of the President of Tajikistan.

Formed on December 4, 1992, it was originally a special force unit known as the Brigade of Special Mission during the 16th session of the Supreme Assembly (Shuroi Oli) of Tajikistan, under the Tajik Interior Ministry.  During its first years, the Guard underwent serious testing, which earned the trust of the President and the people.  It was the reason why the President changed it from the Special Mission to the Presidential National Guard.

Their primary task is ensuring public safety and security.  On January 26, 2004, the Presidential Guard was transformed into the National Guard.  During the inauguration of the President on November 18, 2006, the Guard received the honor of presenting the Tajik state symbols.


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