MoF provides TJS 1.286 million to help disaster-affected families in GBAO’s Shugnan district

24/07/2015 15:02
Payrav Chorshanbiyev
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DUSHANBE, July 24, 2015, Asia-Plus -- The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has provided 1.286 million somoni (TJS) to provide assistance to disaster-affected families in the Shugnan district of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), First Deputy Minister of Finance, Jamshed Karimzoda, told reporters in Dushanbe on July 24.

According to him, the funds have been allocated by the president’s reserve fund.

“Families, whose residential buildings had been destroyed completely, will receive 10,000 somoni each and families, whose residential buildings had been damaged partially, will receive 6,000 somoni each,” Karimzoda said.

We will recall that severe mudflows triggered by glacial melt amid abnormally hot weather in the country affected the villages of Barsem, Berdibekobod and Kolkhozobod in the Shugnan district on July 16.  The mudflows carrying with them the mass of slurry, huge rocks and uprooted trees formed a giant dam blocking the Ghund River and creating an artificial lake.  Mudslides and floods destroyed dozens of residential buildings, trade and cultural facilities, electricity lines, and an irrigation system in the mentioned villages.

According to the government data, mudslides and floods destroyed 72 residential buildings in the Shugnan district.  The families whose houses were destroyed were moved to a safer area and settled in a temporary tent camp.


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