In Moscow will take place creative evening of filmmaker Farhot Abdullaev

23/08/2016 16:18
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"Tajik cultural center" invites art lovers for the evening meeting with Tajik filmmaker Farhot Abdullaev, which will be held in Moscow on 25th of August.

As it was noted in the distributed report, a meeting is dedicated to the Day of Russian cinema and 60 - year anniversary of the filmmaker. It will be attended by poets, writers, film critics, many guests of different nationalities.

The program remains performance of Farhot Abdullaev, the screening of the "Presumed consent" film, that was awarded with many prizes.

Filmmaker from Tajikistan lives and works in Moscow for a long time.

Farhot Abdullaev is the artistic Director of "Haoma" studio, is the author of the films "Hamlet’s father", "Lovitor" (co-writer and Director of the 56th Berlinale, 2006), "Stranger’s game", a documentary film – "Twilight of consciousness", "Return", "Tajikistan. Military Chronicles", etc.

In 1989 he graduated from the All-Russian state Institute of cinematography. His film "Tajikistan. War Chronicles" is a story about the civil war of the mid-1990s, and "Bozgasht" about the fate of migrants in the Afghan Dasht Mor camp, were perceived censorship critically. The filmmaker left Dushanbe and settled in Moscow, but all his works, exhibited at international film festivals, represent Tajikistan. 

His latest work is a "Presumption of consent" (2011) was nominated for the "Nika" award in the category of "Best film of CIS and Baltic countries". Although the winner was Georgian Director Nana Janelidze with the film "And is there a theatre?!". The work of the Tajik Director has earned high points from critics.

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