Nazarov’s coach: the defeat of Fajdek has opened the way for Dilshod’s victory

26/08/2016 12:20
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Vladimir Mashko – the coach of the known Tajik hammer thrower Dilshod Nazarov believes that his pupil has showed amazing skill at the Olympic Games in Rio that exceeded his expectations, reports Radio "Ozodi".

"I didn’t believe that we would get the gold medal. Of course, we hoped for an Olympic medal, but not the gold. We thought that Paul Fajdek from Poland would win, but at the qualification stage he had failed and opened to us the way to a gold medal," said the coach of Tajik champion.

Vladimir Mashko prepared Dilshod Nazarov to the competition together with the Libor Krtan: Mashko, mostly prepared a program and a strategy and Libor Krtan implemented them.

On the question of whether Vladimir Mashko will arrive in Tajikistan to celebrate a gold medal of his ward, the coach answered: "Dilshod invited me, but I work in a sports school and if my superiors agree, I will definitely come".

The coach of Dilshod Nazarov is confident that his pupil might not yet ready to update the world record, but the current Olympic results are very high and Dilshod has the ability to win numerous awards in international competitions.

In any case, Mashko and Nazarov have as their goal the participation at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

V. Mashko has stopped his sports career and now he is working as a sports Manager. Six years ago he met Dilshod on one competition in the Czech Republic and since then he trains him.

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