The New York Times rating: Tajikistan became the first in the Olympics in Rio for medals, next is th

23/08/2016 17:06
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On the results of XXX summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Tajikistan took the first place for number of medals won to the number of participants. In the national team of Tajikistan were only 7 athletes, and thanks to the gold medal of Dilshod Nazarov the country ranked the unconditional first place. Such data were published on the website, and the originator of the rating is the New York Times newspaper.

4 points for each gold medal, 2 points for silver, and 1 for bronze were awarded to the countries.

Thus, the Olympic team of Tajikistan, composed of 7 athletes, scored 4 points. Dividing these 4 points between each team member, Tajikistan received a coefficient of 0.57, which is the highest rate among 207 countries-members of the International Olympic Committee.

On the second place by this indicator is the USA team, which scored 296 points on 554 of the participant, the average ratio of the American team – 0,54.

With a coefficient of 0.50 there are Kosovo, Jordan and Azerbaijan, they are located on the third position. There is also Uzbekistan at the top of the table (11-th place, 0.38 in), Georgia (14-th place, 0,35) and Kazakhstan (18-th place, 0.29).

The New York Times has identified the best countries with other ways. For example, according to the medals per capita the first three are – Grenada, the Bahamas and Jamaica, and Tajikistan is at the 62nd position.

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