The office of the ruling People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan was sealed

21/08/2015 11:04
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Dushanbe. 21 August. “Asia Plus” -- According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan official website, Fire Service has checked the offices of eight officially registered political parties.

Firemen found out that the headquarters of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan, the Islamic Renaissance Party and the Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan do not follow the fire-prevention rules.

The inspection found out that the PDPT offices are not equipped with an automatic fire warning system, and the installation and use of electrical systems do not meet the requirements of electric vehicles.

Also, according to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, administrative and  subsidiary buildings of the Islamic Revival Party are not equipped with a warning system against fire, fire shield is not completely equipped with the paramount means of extinguishing, wooden structures of the building are not polished with the fire-proof liquids, there are no water supply sources for fighting with the fire.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs reminds that in year 2010, because of the non-observance of fire regulations, the headquarters of the IRP was burned down.

Violations were also identified in the Office of the Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan - the installation and use of electrical devices does not correspond with electrical devices.

"Thereupon, the offices these parties were temporarily closed for the elimination of deficiencies. An interviewed was conducted with the responsible persons of the parties and some instructions were given to correct the deficiencies, "- noted the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

All in all, said the agency, a working group, which was found for checking the fire safety in the capital facilities, has checked 186 objects, also, there were carried out the raids in the markets and gas stations. 43 leaders of the organization were subjected to an administrative punishment, reported the Ministry of Interior Affairs on their website.

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