One more mudflow hits Barsem village in Gorno Badakhshan

20/07/2015 11:13
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DUSHANBE, July 20, 2015, Asia-Plus – One more mudflow has hit the village of Barsem in the Shugnan district of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).

“One more mudflow hit the village of Barsem today early in the morning, at around 1:00 am,” Ramonqul Ramonqulov, a spokesman for the GBAO regional administration, told Asia-Plus today a morning.

According to him, the mudflow that blocked the Ghund River last week is two kilometers in length and one kilometer in width and an artificial lake created by the blockage of the river is about two kilometers in length.

“The Shitobogh area of the village of Barsem was destroyed by mudflows completely,” said Ramonqulov.  “According to the preliminary data, about 60 residential buildings were destroyed by mudflows.”

The disaster-affected people have been placed in a tent camp that that was organized in the neighboring village of Manem.

“The risk of new mudflows is still high,” the spokesman said.


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