Only 34% of Tajik nationals reportedly save their money in national currency

19/07/2011 17:47
Payrav Chorshanbiyev
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DUSHANBE, July 19, 2011, Asia-Plus -- According to rankings drawn by research center, Gallup, only 34 percent of Tajik nationals keep their savings in the national currency, the somoni.

Azerbaijan is a leader among former Soviet republics by the level of trust in national currency.  According to the survey, 75 percent of Azeri nationals keep their savings in the national currency, the manat.  Armenia holds the second place by the level of trust (63%) and Russia is third (56%).

The survey also revealed the attitude of the former Soviet republics towards foreign currency.  US dollar remains the leader in the post-Soviet area.

In the post-Soviet area, the dollar enjoys the highest demand in Tajikistan, where 51 percent of those surveyed trust in the dollar and just 4 percent of those surveyed trust in the European currency, the euro.  Only one percent of those surveyed in Tajikistan trust in the Russian ruble.

The level of trust in the Russian ruble in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia also gets the vote of 1% of the population.  In Azerbaijan, the level of trust in the Russian ruble equals to zero.   

Meanwhile, the savings in Euro are most popular in Moldova (28%) and Georgia (23%).

The Gallup reportedly conducted this survey among about 3,000 respondents in 2010.

The Gallup Organization, known primarily as Gallup, provides a variety of management consulting, human resources and statistical research services.  It has over 40 offices in 27 countries.  World headquarters are in Washington, D.C. Operational headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska.  Gallup currently has four divisions: Gallup Poll, Gallup Consulting, Gallup University, and Gallup Press.

The Gallup Organization was founded in 1958, when George Gallup grouped all of his polling operations into one organization.  After Gallup's death in 1984, The Gallup Organization was sold to Selection Research, Incorporated (SRI) of Lincoln, Nebraska in 1988.  

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