Presentation of a new project to support small business was held in Khorog

23/08/2016 16:50
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In Khorog was held an informational training, where was a presentation of a new project to train and support entrepreneurs engaged in small business.

As noted the organizer Parvina Tojibaeva - project Manager of Caritas Germany in Tajikistan, the training is conducted in the framework of the joint project of Caritas Germany and the NGO "Hirad", which implements projects with the financial support of Caritas Germany in Tajikistan since 2011.

The purpose of the project, she said, is psychological and pedagogical support of youth from vulnerable populations.

"The main task is to interest young people and show the possible solutions of life challenges that they face due to social and economic difficulties of their families. For this NGO "Hirad" is working with the parents of this vulnerable young people and opens to them the possibility of establishing contacts with their children. Parents learn to find a common language with their children and the ability to direct their force in the right direction and receive psychological support in working with difficult to bring up children," said P. Tojibaeva.

However, she said, for social sustainability parents are offered training on financial independence and costing the family budget. In conditions of economic crisis and high unemployment parents of vulnerable segments of the population need to learn and to find ways out of financial bondage.

She informed the participants that for this purpose in the second decade of September it is planned to conduct five-day training of entrepreneurs of Khorog city and Roshtqala district of GBAO by methods of planning and running a small business. This training will allow parents to get skills of entrepreneurship and how to start a business in the framework of possibilities.

According to her, during the training, the participants will be trained to conduct market analysis, to identify potential customers, to introduce financial calculation, marketing, management, taxes, finding potential investors, advertising, etc.

"A week after the training participants must develop and submit business plans to the jury of the project. The project plans with the participation of experienced businessmen to support successful business start-UPS and thereby strengthen the role and the economic stability of families from vulnerable segments of the population of Khorog and Roshtqala district", - has concluded P. Tojibaeva.


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