President derides Tajik national TV and radio for lack of professionalism

01/03/2016 14:57
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DUSHANBE, March 1, 2016, Asia-Plus – President Emomali Rahmon has criticized the national TV and radio channels for lack of professionalism.

His criticism came during an address to an inauguration of two new national TV channels in Dushanbe on March 1.

The president called work of cameramen and TV announcers ‘unprofessional.’  “Many journalists go on the air without preliminary preparation,” the president said.

“The fact that the same journalist conducts economic and musical programs is evidence of lack of skilled personnel,” Rahmon noted.

He also sharply criticized the national TV channels for their inefficacy and grammar mistakes in creeping lines.

Rahmon stated that because of low level of programs and lack of professionalism people do not watch Tajik national TV channels.

He also suggested that the Tajik national TC channel Shabakai Avval (Channel One) should be renamed Tojikistion (Tajikistan).

The president also sharply criticized the national radio channels, which “air mainly musical programs and senseless dialogues with listeners.”  “The radio channels have actually turned into tribune for propagation of low quality music and songs of new so-called stars,” Rahmon stressed. 


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