President went to Yavana on the new railroad

24/08/2016 09:54
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The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon today morning, accompanied by the representatives of the intelligentsia and the youth, went to Yavan by train on the new railway, which will connect the capital with the cities of Kurgan-Tyube, and Kulyab.

As reported the press service of the state, the projected cost of the new railway is more than 165 million somoni, on there are the three tunnels constructed on the road with a total length of 3 thousand 643 meters, eight bridges with a total length of 683,2 meters.

If the previous length of railway connecting the capital of Tajikistan through the territory of Uzbekistan and Kurgan-Tyube was 432 km, but now this distance has decreased to 119 km.

When a ton of cargo through the railway of Dushanbe-Kurgan-Tyube was delivered for 160 somoni, in the future it will be 35-40 somoni.

According to the experts, the economic efficiency of the new Railways in a year is 46 million somoni.

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