Press conference of the IRP in the "Sheraton" hotel today was spoiled

27/08/2015 16:17
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Scheduled for today the press conference of the Islamic Renaissance Party (IRP) in the capital's hotel "Sheraton" was spoiled.

For half an hour before the press conference, the administration of the "Sheraton" hotel rung up the leadership of the party and announced that a press conference should be canceled, as the electric power was turned over.

IRP was planning to hold a meeting with the journalists in this hotel, because the IRP central office is currently sealed by the decision of the Economic Court of Dushanbe, and the party leadership beforehand agreed on holding a press conference at this hotel.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the hotel the reporters were told that the hotel planes other conferences. "If you're here for the IRP conference, it was canceled, and if for another one, then you can enter”, - said the hotel staff.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the IRP is planning to hold the promised today press conference. It will be held in the house of party leader Kabiri, located near the Brewery.

The journalists' questions will be answered by the IRP Deputies Chairmen Mukhammadali Chait and Saidumar Hisayni. Kabiri himself is currently abroad.

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