Putin hopes Russia’s partnership with Uzbekistan will be successful

12/09/2014 11:03
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DUSHANBE, September 12, 2014, Asia-Plus -- Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that partnership of Russia and Uzbekistan will grow on the basis of friendship and mutual respect, Russian news agency Itar-Tass reports.

During his visit to Dushanbe on Thursday, Putin told his Uzbekistan’s counterpart Islam Karimiv that since the treaty on strategic partnership was signed ten years ago, the two countries had made substantial progress guided by principles of “pragmatism, partnership and mutual respect of interests.”

Russia and Uzbekistan maintain contacts at all levels, Putin said. “We strongly believe the mechanism created in recent years will promote our relations in the economy, in the political and humanitarian sphere,” the Russian president said.  “Many-centuries-long ties of interaction, friendship and cooperation have cemented our countries together. And I am confident that we will go ahead using this positive capital.”

Uzbekistan’s Karimov said that their meetings should be regular as the two countries had to solve problems together.

“Russia is a strategic partner to us," he said.  “I think it (strategic partnership) determines that we should get more advice, get more answers on our questions and do not remain bewildered that we may have lost a leading light.” “From this point of view, I think our meetings must be really regular to ask and answer questions and to discuss the issues that, perhaps, are not pleasant for discussion,” Karimov said.


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