Rahmon concerned over impact of foreign TV channels on Tajiks’ consciousness

01/03/2016 16:54
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DUSHANBE, March 1, 2016, Asia-Plus – President Emomali Rahmon has expressed concern about vulnerability of Tajikistan’s information space and impact of foreign television channels on consciousness of the Tajik people.   

“At present, Shabakai Avval (Channel One) can be picked by 99.7 percent of the population, Safina – 84.6 percent, Bahoriston (Children’s TV Channel) – 84 percent, and Jahonnamo (News TV Channel) – 75.7 percent,” the president noted during an inauguration of two new national TV channels in Dushanbe on February 1.

A certain part of the population does not watch the national TV channels because of low quality of their programs, Rahmon noted. 

“Pursuing financial gain, private and regional TV stations mainly broadcast commercial information, low-grade entertainment programs and commercials, ignoring subjects concerning education of patriotism, national consciousness and government’s policy,” the president stressed.

He further added that 70 TV and radio-broadcasting facilities, including 9 state TV channels, 10 state radio stations, 31 private TV channels and 20 private radio stations,  now operated in the country. 


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