Rahmon proposes to bring countries abetting terrorism to account

20/01/2016 15:48
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DUSHANBE, January 20, 2016, Asia-Plus – Under conditions of deterioration of the political situation in the world it is necessary to increase financing of the power-wielding structures of the country, President Rahmon noted during an address to a joint meeting of both houses of the parliament on January 20.

The president ordered heads of power-wielding structures and law enforcement agencies to take adequate measures to ensure proper activities of their bodies, paying a special attention to technical equipment and training of personnel.

Terrorism and extremism have turned into the most serious global threats in recent years, Rahmon said, noting that intensification of activities of terrorists and extremists in neighboring Afghanistan poses threat to security of the region, including Tajikistan.

In his address, Rahmon condemned double standards of some countries on terrorism and extremism, noting that such actions were lowering an efficiency of a joint fight against them.

Tajik leader proposed to carry out an international investigation and bring countries and organizations abetting terrorism and extremism to account.

“Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam; on contrary, terrorism and extremism were generated by enemies of Islam, and Muslim countries – Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria – are suffering the most from them,” Rahmon said.   


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