Rahmon urges Roudaki authorities to take more efficient measures to prevent youth radicalization

15/03/2016 14:29
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DUSHANBE, March 15, 2016, Asia-Plus – President Emomali Rahmon today visited the Roudaki district.

According to the Tajik president’s official website, the purpose of the visit was for the president to get acquainted with current socioeconomic situation in the district and inaugurate a number of social and cultural facilities in the area.

Rahmon, in particular, inaugurated a new medical center in the administrative center of the district.  He held a meeting with the district administrators on the sidelines of opening of the new medical center.

Speaking at the meeting, the president called on local farmers to take measures to provide Dushanbe’s markets with farm produce and launch farm produce processing enterprises.

The president stressed that the district population had increased 125,000 over the past decade reaching 465.000.

Every year, more than 10,000 local children go to school, Rahmon said, noting that the government is taking measures to cover all children with education.  The president called on local entrepreneurs to actively participate in construction of schools and preschool institutions in the district.

He also called on local authorities to take more efficient measures to prevent youth from joining extremist and terrorist organizations.

While in Somoniyon, the administrative center of the Roudaki district, the president also attended ceremonies of opening of a number of social and cultural facilities.

He, in particular, inaugurated a five-story residential building containing 40 apartments.  The construction of this residential building was financed by local businesswoman Ruqiya Hamdamova, who provided 5 million somoni for this project.

Rahmon also attended a groundbreaking ceremony for construction of a nine-story residential building that will contain 85 apartments.  Local businessman Ubaidullo Gulov will finance the construction of this apartment building.              


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