Representatives of Tajik intelligentsia and civil society ask Rahmon to intercede for Saidov

05/06/2013 16:19
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DUSHANBE, June 5, 2013, Asia-Plus – In an open letter addressed to President Emomali Rahmon, a group of representatives of Tajik intelligentsia and civil society express concern about unhealthy processes in political and socioeconomic life of the country.

Posted on Facebook, the letter, in particular, notes intelligentsia and civil society are ready to support efforts of the government for the sake of stability and security of society and development of the country.  “But, facts of pressure on representatives of opposition, media and civil society are present.”

They also note that encroachment on rights of leader of the initiative group for creation of a “New Tajikistan” party, Zayd Saidov, and pressure being made on other founders of the party and members of the Coalition for Democracy evoke a special concern.

The letter’s authors consider that pressure against Zayd Saidov is politically motivated.  They also say that persecution of Zayd Saidov may have a negative impact on investment climate and undermine image of Tajikistan on international arena.

In this connection, the letter’s authors call on President Emomali Rahmon to interfere and ensure fair and unbiased investigation.

They express confidence that fair settlement of the conflict around Zayd Saidov and “New Tajikistan” party will have beneficial effect on atmosphere in the country and will raise public confidence in the authorities ahead of the presidential election.  It will also raise president’s image both inside the country and abroad, the letter says.

We will recall that Zayd Saidov was detained on May 19 on charges of corruption.  He has been stripped of his parliamentary immunity.  Saidov denies any wrongdoing and says his case is politically motivated.

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