Russian parliamentary delegation visits Tajikistan

12/11/2015 10:39
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DUSHANBE, November 12, 2015, Asia-Plus – A delegation of Russia’s upper house (Federation Council) of parliament, led by Vice-Speaker Yevgeniy Bushmin, arrived in Dushanbe yesterday evening.

An official source at Tajikistan’s upper house (Majlisi Milli) of parliament says the main purpose of the visit is for the delegation to expand cooperation with Tajikistan’s parliament.

Today afternoon, Russian parliamentarians will be received by the Majlisi Milli Speaker Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev, the source said.

The Federation Council is the upper house of the Federal Assembly of Russia (the parliament of the Russian Federation).  Each of the 85 federal subjects of Russia – consisting of 22 republics, 46 oblasts, nine krais, three federal cities, four autonomous okrugs, and one autonomous oblast – sends two senators to the Council, for a total membership of 170 Councilors.

For purposes of succession, the chairman of the Federation Council is the third highest position, after the president and the prime minister.  In the case of incapacity of the President and Prime Minister, the chairman of the Federation Council becomes Acting President of the Russian Federation. 


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